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Unsere Empfehlungen

Wömit Angel - Impaling Force of Satan CD
WÖMIT ANGEL is violent package of Finnish black metal with punk/crust influences. This is their third full-length, "IMPALING FORCE OF SATAN

Preorder : 18.03.2017
12,00 EUR
Bahrrecht - L'aube glacee CD
endlich das 2te album der französischen black metal band 

12,00 EUR
Trollech - Každý strom má svůj stín CD
Das neue Trollech Album 
Pure Forest Black Metal 
12,00 EUR
Rimthurs - Graveskrift CD
Originating from the province of Hälsingland in Sweden one man band 
RIMTHURS creates music moulded from obscurity and melancholy. 
Conceived as a celebration to death, cold and eternal night, and 
with inspiration from poetry and music from swedish folk tradition 
and the norse heritage, pure scandinavian black metal is created.

10,00 EUR

Neue Artikel

Downcross - What Light Covers Not CD
black metal
12,00 EUR
Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead CD + DVD
Death / Black Metal 
limited edition
14,00 EUR
Sinister - Afterburner Digi CD
death metal 
12,00 EUR
Holy Moses - Redefined Mayhem CD
thrash metal
12,00 EUR